poet. string tickler.


destinie is from a small, sleepy town in central florida. she has been writing since she could hold pencil to paper.

for her fourteenth birthday, her father bought her a guitar. four years passed before she decided to take her talents to the public through youtube. she has learned much since her first upload.

in the summer of 2014, destinie decided to start taking her music seriously and began recording her own songs. her first single is called “emptied,” a mellow creation borne from the collective heart of a few wandering souls. 2014 was also the summer destinie graduated–by the grace of God–from the university of south florida, with a bachelor’s degree in english, concentrating in creative writing.

on february 10, 2015 destinie released a five-song, guitar-driven demo she termed “mostly acoustic.” it is a mixture of melodic guitar and impactful lyrics.