Can I name 5 things I like about myself?


Let’s see…

I like my smile—my genuine smile, not those trying-to-be-cute things I sometimes do on pictures, or the ones where I’m trying not to smile too hard so my eyes don’t close. I like this smile, the squinty smile, messed up eyebrows and all (I infected myself with the smiling bug! lol):


Hmmm, next I like my legs. They’re pretty awesome, if you don’t know 😉

I like my heart. Its a good one. It’s a hurting one—a fragile one—despite the hard facade it’s wrapped in. It’s beating inside the most loyal friend you’ll ever have—even in death.

I like my eyes—their expression. Every emotion I have is translated through my lids, lens, retinas, pupils, and corneas and all the other parts I can’t name.

Lastly, I like my veins. I like looking at them. I don’t know why, though. Maybe it’s because all my life is in those tiny, blueish tubes. Maybe its because the Blood will never lose its power. Along those same lines, I like my hands. They’re kinda kiddie, but sometimes they do things on the guitar I don’t expect them to


That’s six, but can you name 5 things you like about yourself?

Can I name 5 things I like about myself?

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